Organic Apple Night Cream

About.com can be so wonderfully educating.
I found a great video today for a new face cream -
An Apple Night Cream for Sensitive Skin. I havent' tried it yet but this will be my trial recipe for tomorrow. I promise to update. Oh if there only more hours in the day, I could do it all now.

It looks fantastic... only downside is the 4-6 day shelf life
(refrigerated), which isn't bad for a cream that is 100% pure organic with absolutely no preservatives. I must admit that I am not convinced that the consistency is the best it could be.... I will have to experminent - But as a base I am excited to get started.

1 apple
1 cup organic extra virgen cold pressed olive oil
1 cup rose water

Directions: hit play !

Update: After giving this a try it is indeed a great quick and easy cream for beginners. It is far too heavy for my sensitive skin as far as a face cream goes, but it would be great for someone wanting an organic homemade cream that is more like a body balm. I will make more of this for dry hands after gardening and for winter heels when the cold comes back ! It's too greasy as a face solution though, for me personally.

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